What We Do

Ajivika Finance creates value for the bottom-of-pyramid population through timely delivery of vital micro-credits at the doorstep of low-income households, unserved by banks and other Financial Institutions. 

The company specialises in identifying credit-worthy borrowers through it’s rigorous due diligence and KYC processes to carry out it’s lending operations through the Joint Liability Group (JLG) lending model.

The company operates a highly profitable branch network model, serving the company the advantage of setting up operations in any area in the most cost-effective and timely manner thus leveraging the high scalability of Ajivika’s business and the tremendous potential of micro-finance in India. 

Ajivika Finance has successfully accomplished market entry, product familiarization and recognition by major industry players and among low-income households in India.

The brand Ajivika resonates with integrity and quality as Ajivika Finance is the preferred Micro-enterprise loans institution of over 15,000 borrowers.