Risk Management

Risk management involves making educated decisions about tolerant risk levels and the mitigation of excess risks. As a Responsible Financial Institution, our risk management practices allow us to assess new market opportunities, ensure existing operations are constantly improved, and deliver competitive, effective micro-loans to our customers. This is particularly important to us as we seek to achieve both financial and social objectives.

We endeavor to nurture a culture that rewards good risk management, encourages risk taking that keeps risk at tolerant levels and builds safeguards to ensure smooth functioning. We believe that well-executed risk management can help build credibility in the marketplace and create new growth opportunities.

Our Risk Management Framework is an integral part of our operational and organisational culture. The framework shall ensure our long-term survival as a responsible financial institution that contributes to sustainable development and value creation in economic, environmental and social terms. That as long as we prudently follow the risk-management framework, we shall ensure and improve economic efficiency, prosperity, and economic competitiveness both today and in the long-term.

Risk Management Framework