Our Purpose & Vision

Our Purpose 

Ajivika Finance Limited is committed to create value for society by giving it’s employees and it’s clients an opportunity to fulfill dreams and lead meaningful lives by serving inclusive finance to low-income households, in a way that is commensurate with it’s core principles.

We endeavor to solve the most pressing problem of banking in India, inequitable access to credit by ensuring access to credit for low income households, essential for them to create self employment and income. 
  Our Vision

We want to serve our vital financial services at the doorstep of 10 million households by 2021 and in so doing grow the size of the economic pie equitably to promote the national causes of social empowerment and financial inclusion.

We see a vision of a more prosperous India that is only possible when all stakeholders benefit equally from it’s growth and are able to contribute up to their potential. 

By focusing on our long term value creation plan, we want to establish a leading Financial Institution serving the financial needs of low-income households in India and set new benchmarks within the industry. 

Our efforts are aligned with our mission and we are determined to go the distance in this extra-ordinary journey of change, in the hope of building a better tomorrow, in a more inclusive world.