Information Technology

Technology, innovation, and intellectual capital have become the key drivers of growth for Financial Institutions. As a Responsible Financial Institution, we constantly seek to adopt the latest technology for its ability to speed up the flow of information and capital, automate transactions, control and analyze data, improve customer experience, reduce transaction costs, and increase efficiency and customer outreach. The integration of technology has had a profound impact on the company’s lending processes by ushering in speed, precision and efficiency. We understand that Information Technology would play an increasingly crucial role in the development of Micro-Credit Institutions going forward. In light of this, we are committed to engage resources, human and financial capital to adopt leading technology that can manage, monitor, and track electronic transactions, and focus on better understanding customer behaviour in order to make better credit decisions. Our comprehensive set of credit appraisal processes mean that at any point of time, we are in possession of a lot of rich data of our customers – their business, their house, source of income, standard of living etc. We aim to leverage these rich data points using big data analysis to derive more insights into customer behavior, develop more nuanced products like micro-savings, micro-insurance and build a system for internal credit scoring.  We understand that technology can change our lives, the lives of our customers and help us create a larger impact as a responsible financial institution. Read our Information Technology Report to learn more about how we use technology to deliver micro-enterprise loans at the last mile.
Information Technology Report