Building Livelihoods

Ajivika Finance Limited (AFL) is transforming inclusive finance at the last mile in India. The company empowers the vast bottom-of-pyramid population in India through its JLG Income Generating loan products, to ensure a more equitable growth of India’s economic pie.

The company is determined to become India’s most trusted financial institution serving credit and allied financial services to low-income households. AFL has provided funding support to over 27+ types of micro-enterprises of over 16,000 households and is actively preparing to serve 1 million households by 2021. 

As a Responsible Financial Institution, Ajivika Finance is solving the most pressing problem of Banking in India, Inequitable Access to Credit: Rural India contributes 47% to GDP but its share in overall credit extended is south of 10%. AFL is bridging this lending gap in the economy and there is an opportunity of reaching out to over 100 million under-banked people who need loans for livelihoods.